Who Owns The Hands Free Segway Title, Xiaomi Or Inventist?

It's a fair question for anyone just getting into the hands free mobility seen. Everybody is looking for a Segway like device that they can ride on without using their hands in a fashionably futuristic looking way. Ever since their inception almost a year ago and after seeing them for the first time in public, the amount of demand for one of these types of boards is insane.

The only thing is, there is a problem with the identification of what is a hoverboard, a scooter, and a Segway.

First off, almost 90% of the population refers to these boards that were first introduced by Inventist as hoverboards. The problem is that these devices don't actually hover. With that being said another segment of the population seems to think that go theme boards are considered segways. The only problem is that Segway is actually a completely different company and does not have any relation who Inventist in any way.

I believe the right term to call these self balancing boards from Inventist is probably a scooter at best.

Now, when it comes to Segway they're actually introducing a brand new hands free version that has recently just been introduced to the market by Xiaomi. It's currently only available in Asia and in Europe, but may make its way over to North America. This is what you call a true hands free mobile Segway. All of the movement is coordinated with your feet and your knees which allows you more flexibility compared to their original model.

If you look very carefully there are many references online to the self balancing scooter if being known as a Segway. However, if you look at any retail store whether it's online or a physical location. You will notice that the name Segway is far away from their name tag. That's just one way to properly indicate whether or not these scooters should be branded in that way.

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  1. weifanglu

    Is very easy to walking for humanity !!

    November 24, 2015
  2. yingpinnpinlada

    It very good.I need to try in the future.

    November 24, 2015
  3. wwboyd

    until I get a cut of the proceeds of naming it…I ’ll stay out of it

    November 25, 2015